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Spring Newsletter

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Welcome to All-Storage Inc. in sunny Toledo Oregon. Our Rental Office is located near our access keypad entry gate. We are ready to find the most usable space for your rental needs. Our daylight savings time hours are 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Monday through Saturday. Once you have rented a storage unit you have access from 6:00am to 10:00 pm.

Thank you and check back each month to read our newsletter!

A Reminder to All New Tenants


Code in and code out at the keypads, even if the gate is already open. After you enter your code, the keypad will read, "Access Granted." This message assures you that the computer has registered you as having entered the facility. Alarms will be triggered if you are in the facility and have not coded in at the gate.

Please contact our office with any questions regarding this procedure.

Electricity Use


RV, Boat and Motor Coach Units- New Message.

All-Storage Toledo Inc. reminds our RV and boat space customers that electricity is only to be used when you are present here at the facility. Before you leave make certain cords and plugs are removed from outlets.

Please feel free to meet with our on-site staff to review our policy for electrical use.

Payment Due Dates



Let All-Storage Toledo make things a little easier. We now offer Online Payments! We have made it very easy to sign up with your unit number and email address. Every customer can log in once you sign up for Online Payments and make your payment each month or set you payments for Automatic Billing.

Make A Payment

Reminder to make your payment on time to avoid late fees. We do want to help. Call our office today for more information!

Contact Information Updates


Reminder to our customers to call our office as soon as you know you will have a change in contact information. Phone numbers, addresses, 2nd contact and/or emergency contact phone number. Situations occur when we might need to contact you. By keeping your contact information current you may avoid late fees and lockouts.

We have provided a convenient location to update your information on your monthly statement, just fill in updates there and mail with your next payment or call our office to make your updates immediate. Moving out? Expecting a refund? Make sure we have your forwarding address so we can mail you your refunds when applicable.

On-Site Video Cameras


All-Storage Toledo Inc. has added additional security cameras to our list of security measures. This gives our staff the ability to observe the facility anytime night or day. These cameras are located in several locations throughout the property and help keep All-Storage Toledo Inc. safe, clean and secure.